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Message from Course Director Stephanie Simmonds:

I do not know whether or how much Steve Bland will refer to the Salisbury Novichok poisonings next Saturday but if you have time and if you haven’t seen it already do watch some/all of the film the ‘Salisbury Poisonings available on BBC iPlayer.

May 2022


Nutrition with an emphasis on child malnutrition

Lessons for disaster planning from the health impact of flooding and terrorist events in the UK in 2017

Disease surveillance – with case studies

Serving people: Ethics and Risk Communication

April 2nd 2022


Psychological aspects of mass gatherings

Psychosocial Care

Mass gatherings: Implications for public health policy and planning

Team Health

Introduction to the exams


Law & Ethics

March 2022



Diarrhoeal Diseases



February 2022


Closing the gap between humanitarian aid and development support

Needs assessment

Gender and sexual violence

Maternal and child health

Children and conflict

January 2022


Introduction to the Course (Stephanie Simmonds – Course Director)

Introduction to the Faculty and FCCM Connect (Christina Dale – President)

Introduction to the Society (Jane Anderson – Master Apothecary)

General housekeeping (Goldy Gullo – Faculty Manager)

Virtual Tour of Apothecaries’ Hall (John Ford)

Definitions and Stakeholders (Tim Healing)

Introduction to Sphere (Ken Roberts)

Lecture by Stephanie Simmonds

December 2021

Medical Care in Extreme Environments

Dealing with the Dead

Preparing for the DMCC Exam

November 2021



Security of staff in dangerous environments

October 2021


Surgery in Resource Deprived settings

General Surgery in the Austere Environment

Orthopaedics in the Austere Environment

Anaesthesia in the Austere Environment

Plastic Surgery in the Austere Environment

Gender, Sexual Violence and Humanitarianism (awaiting)

Specimen Collection

Sex, age and disability in disasters

Home-based patient care

Planning techniques in disasters

Logistics in Humanitarian Surgery (CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO THIS PRESENTATION)

September 2021


BAM case study instructions

BAM supporting documents

Disasters in the Urban Environment


Mass Gatherings

July 2021


Obstetrics in Disasters


Specimen Collection

UN Peacekeeping

Aeromedical Evacuation

Diarrhoeal Disease and Disasters

June 2021



Sexually Transmitted Infections

Dealing with the Dead

Health care priorities in a refugee camp

Post emergency phase

Lessons for disaster planning-flooding

Mass Gatherings

How behave in mass gatherings, emergencies, disasters

May 2021 


Poisonous animals and plants

Maternal and child health during conflict and displacement: life goes on

Children and conflict

The Psychosocial Impacts of Disasters, Major Incidents and Warfare on Children and Older People

Case Study: From Relief to Development in Haiti

April 10 & 24 2021


Law and Ethics


Civil Engineering

Hazardous chemicals and nuclear radiation

Disease & Disasters

Vector Borne Diseases

Non Medical Support/Vector Control

Introduction to the Examination

March 2021


Recorded Course Day

Needs Assessment

Team Health

Team Selection

Psychosocial Care

February 2021


Recorded Course Day

Principles of Disaster Planning

Risk and risk assessment

Serving People: Ethics & Risk Communication in Disasters

Psychosocial Care in Disasters and Adversity: Dealing with the Demons Provoked by Emergencies, Disasters, Major Incidents & Terrorism

January 2021


Recorded course day

Introduction to the course: basic definitions

Introduction to Sphere

Zoom course day (including live lecture on Gender, Disability and Disasters)

Gender Sexual Violence: Part One

Gender Sexual Violence: Part Two

A storyteller’s narrative of violence and silence during a pandemic

A qualitive study of women’s lived experiences of conflict and domestic violence in Afghanistan

Gender Sexual Violence PDF

Legal and Ethical Issues in Conflict Situations

Medical Care in Extreme Environments (Hold and Cold)

21 November, 2020

The BAM earthquake: A critical study

Nutritional Aspects of Disaster Relief

Security of staff in dangerous environments 

Important: There are two video clips embedded in the slides for Security of Staff lecture (link above). Press start to activate.  There is a short delay before the main presentation resumes.

31 October, 2020 

Zoom Discussion

24 October, 2020

Home Game

3 October, 2020

Plastic Surgery in Conflict & Disasters


Principles of War Surgery BMJ

PRL Guidance for Guests and Externals

Global Anaesthesia

Medicine/Surgery in War and Conflict

Orthopaedic Surgery in Low Resource Settings 

War Surgery: An introduction – ICRC 

Logistics of the Surgery in the Austere Environment 

Airway Management in low resource settings 

5 September, 2020

Public Crowd Psychology

Behaviour of Crowds

Disasters and the Urban Environment 

RECORDED ZOOM DISCUSSION (includes DMCC Exams and Preparation and Primary and Secondary Stressors and the importance of social support for responders)

18 July, 2020 


 4 July, 2020

Sexually Transmitted Infections

UN peacekeeping

Aeromedical Evacuation

Gastrointestinal Diseases and Disasters


27 June, 2020

Health Care Priorities

Post Emergency Phase

Disaster Planning

Mass Gatherings 

How people behave in the face of mass gatherings

13 June, 2020

Dealing with the Dead 

Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers

Ebola (click for Panopto link)

Important diseases transmitted via the respiratory route


16 May, 2020

Venomous and Poisonous Animals/Plants

Maternal and child health during conflict and displacement: life goes on 

Children and Conflict 

The Psychosocial Impacts of Disasters, Major Incidents and Warfare on Children and Older People

From relief to development in Haiti

 25 May, 2020

Vector Borne Diseases with audio

Non-medical support to displaced populations with audio

 4 April, 2020

CBRNE with audio



 7 March, 2020

Introduction to the DMCC exams

Preparing Volunteers to Volunteer

Team Selection

 8 February, 2020


Risk and Reduction

Serving People

Care in Disasters: Dealing with Demons