The Society of Apothecaries established the Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy  in 1959 as a separate academic body with charitable status. Membership is open to any individuals or organisations with an interest in this specialist field.

The Faculty plays an increasingly important role in the education of both undergraduates and postgraduates, offering courses and examinations and appointing lecturers to medical schools. The Faculty is involved in a wide range of academic and social activities for both medical professionals and laypeople, awards academic prizes, and presents a programme of prestigious lectures throughout the year.

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Our annual courses in the The History of Medicine and The Philosophy of Medicine are now open for registration. Courses from October 2022 - June 2023, the courses will be a blend of in-person and online with pre or post-recorded materials and will be accessible after the course days.

All of our courses are open to both qualified professionals and those with an interest in the subject. These include short courses in the history of medicine, special study modules in the history and philosophy of medicine.

The History of Medicine (DHMSA)

Course Director: Dr Anna Simmons, PhD, MChem

The Philosophy of Medicine (DPMSA)

Dr Andrew N Papanikitas FRCGP, PhD & Mr Pete Young, M.Bioethics

Pharmacy Course 2023

This course will be held in the autumn 2023.

Creative Writing for Medical Ethics 

This one day course is open to anyone. The next course will be in 2023. You may view more on our YouTube channel - click here


Maccabaean Prize and Medal: Awarded for the best dissertation submitted for the Diploma in the History of Medicine examination.

The Osler Lecture is delivered to the student in the DHMSA Examination who gives the best Test Lecture and The Sydney Selwyn Lecture is offered to the student who performs best in the DPMSA examination

The Rose Prize: Presented jointly by the Society through the Faculty and the Royal College of General Practitioners for the most outstanding piece of original research relating to the history of British general practice.

Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy

Contact: Maria Ferran, Faculty Manager & Webmaster
Telephone: 020 7236 1189