How To Become A Member

Membership of the Society is open to members of the medical profession and pharmacists.

You will need to be recommended for membership by a member of the Court of Assistants or two of the Society’s Freemen who know you well.

If admitted, you will become a member of the Yeomanry. This step begins your journey towards full membership of the Livery. There are three ways to become a Yeoman:

Freedom by Redemption

Following recommendation, you may be admitted on payment of a fine.

Freedom by Patrimony

If you are the child of a Freeman and born after your parent’s admission to the Society, you are eligible for admission following recommendation at the age of 21.

Freedom by Servitude

You may be admitted following recommendation if you are over 21 and medically qualified or a registered pharmacist and have served an apprenticeship of at least four years to a member of the Society.


You may be considered for promotion to the Livery after four years as a Yeoman. having gained the Freedom of the City of London and having paid the Livery fine. Liverymen are expected to contribute financially to the Society’s charitable work.

Court of Assistants

The Court of Assistants comprises 24 members of whom at least 21 must be registered medical practitioners. Vacancies are filled by Liverymen who are selected on merit.

Contact The Clerk's Office

To join as a Society member: Contact: Roseanna Youssef
Telephone: 020 7236 1189

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