The Galen Medal of the Society of Apothecaries

The Galen Medal in Therapeutics is presented by the Society of Apothecaries annually and is its most prestigious award.  It was instituted in 1925 and the first recipient was Professor W.E. Dixon, FRS, who was awarded the medal for his contributions to pharmacy. The Medal is awarded for valuable services or contributions rendered to the science of therapeutics and the Society has recognised excellence in the widest field.

Galen Medal Winners

The William Farr Medal of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

William Farr was a 19th century licentiate of the Society who later became a chief statistician in the Office of the Registrar General. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society and developed an international reputation for his system of disease classification.

This medal is awarded to medical practitioners who have made an outstanding contribution to the care of elderly people as part of their clinical and/or research work in the United Kingdom. The award was instituted in 2006 and consists of a cheque for £1,000 and a medal.

In the year preceding each award, nominations will be sought from members of the Society’s Court and also from the Presidents of the Royal Medical Colleges within the United Kingdom.

William Farr Medal

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The Apothecaries’ Prize

The Prize is aimed at junior doctors at pre-consultant level, or, in pharmacy training, those practising at Advanced Stage II of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Faculty or similar.  Entry for the prize will consist of submitting a published paper in medical therapeutics or public health medicine.

Apothecaries Prize flyer 2020-2021

(Submissions for the 2020-2021 Apothecaries’ Prize open on Thursday 27th August 2020)

Rhino Elective Prize

These scholarships will enable medical students to carry out training electives in developing countries. The purpose will be to give the students insight into and experience of, the practice of medicine in these areas.
Rhino Electives Flyer (Submissions closed – for information only)


Prize for Excellence in Military Medical Support to Crisis

For excellence in military medical support to crisis. The prize is awarded specifically for an action or contribution to a crisis subject to a specific MoD operational name or for planning, implementation or delivery of a specific activity within the crisis.

The award was instituted in 2019 when it was originally known as The Surgeon General’s Apothecaries’ Prize.

A4 List of Excellence in Military Medical Support to Crisis Winners