The Galen Medal of the Society of Apothecaries

The Galen Medal in Therapeutics is presented by the Society of Apothecaries annually and is its most prestigious honour.  It has been presented annually since 1925. The Medal is awarded for important services or contributions in the broad field of therapeutics.  This can include treatments in clinical medicine or other clinically-related areas, therapeutic aspects of public health, and science leading to such treatments.

The Society is now welcoming nominations for the 2024 Medal.  Please click here to find guidance for nominating institutions.

This year’s awardee will join a list of ‘stellar’ figures who between them, with their varied contributions and backgrounds, have improved the lives of many millions of people in the UK and around the globe.

Galen Medal Previous Winners

The William Farr Medal of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

The Farr medal is one of the Society’s most prestigious honours and is presented alongside the premier award of the Society, the Galen Medal each year.  It was first awarded in 2006. The William Farr Medal is awarded to medical practitioners who have made a particularly significant contribution to the management of elderly people as part of their clinical or research work in the United Kingdom.  The Society wishes to acknowledge innovations in the care of the elderly and particularly encourages the nomination of those in the middle of their career.

Nominations for the 2024 Farr Medal are now open.  Please click here to find guidance for nominating institutions.

William Farr was a 19th Century licentiate of the Society who later became chief statistician in the Office of the Registrar General.  He was a Fellow of the Royal Society and developed an international reputation for his system of disease classification.

William Farr Previous Winners


The Apothecaries’ Prize

The Prize is aimed at junior doctors at pre-consultant level, or, in pharmacy training, those practising at Advanced Stage II of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Faculty or similar.  Entry for the prize will consist of submitting a published paper in medical therapeutics or public health medicine.

Applications for 2023 are now open.  Please click here for the flyer with information about the Prize and how to apply. Please click here to view a list of previous winners and links to their papers.


Rhino Elective Awards

These scholarships, worth £400 each, will enable medical students within their final 3 years of training, to carry out medical electives.  The Society welcomes creative ideas that address the principal purposes of an elective, including travelling to a new institution for an experience that benefits the student and the local population.  Winners of the awards, write a post-Elective report which share with the Society and our community what the student learnt through their experiences.

You can read Tamsin McKinnon’s winning report about her experiences in Rwanda here and highly commended reports from Lucy Chinnery about her time in Peru here and from Oluwatito Olaniyan about her time in York Emergency Department here.

Applications for the 2023-24 awards will open in September 2023.  For further information, please click here to find the Awards flyer.


Prize for Excellence in Military Medical Support to Crisis

For excellence in military medical support to crisis. The prize is awarded specifically for an action or contribution to a crisis subject to a specific MoD operational name or for planning, implementation or delivery of a specific activity within the crisis.

The award was instituted in 2019 when it was originally known as The Surgeon General’s Apothecaries’ Prize.

List of Excellence in Military Medical Support to Crisis Winners

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