Diploma In The Philosophy Of Medicine

Established 1978
The examination is designed as a postgraduate qualification primarily for members of the healthcare professions although it is open to a number of other graduates and certain undergraduates. The Diploma was revised extensively in 1993.

The Diploma is intended to indicate familiarity with contemporary philosophy of medicine and in particular with the philosophical aspects of problems within the theory and practice of medicine and healthcare; and with selected aspects of the history of philosophy related to those problems.

Candidates for the examination must have participated in the Society's Faculty's Course in the Ethics and Philosophy of Healthcare. The aim of the course is to introduce participants to some aspects of philosophy relevant to healthcare; to give an opportunity to reflect on practice; to consider critically some concepts and arguments used in discussion of healthcare and some of its dilemmas; to articulate and to defend points of view of their own, while taking counter-arguments into account and bearing in mind the grounds and limits of argument.

Examination documentation

Guide to the Diploma in the Philosophy of Medicine - 2023 - (incorporating the Regulations and Syllabus) - revised Dec 2022.

Administrative Guidance for Candidates (including the examination timetable, fees and the various deadlines).


DPMSA Application Forms

First time entry to the exam (SSC and non-SSC candidates): Form A

Re-entry: Form R  

Request for special examination arrangements: Form-Q

Applications for entry to the 2023 DPMSA examinations are now open.

Please note: We are in the process of introducing a new online application form. You will first need to register via this link and leave your name and email address. A member of the team will then be in touch and provide access to the online form. Further information regarding exam sittings and closing dates can be found in the Administrative Guidance for Candidates document.

Academic Policies for Candidates

Examination-Review-and-Appeal-Procedure The Society's Review and Appeal Procedure gives information about feedback, review and appeal. Candidates who seek a review or appeal should note that there is a fee payable, the amount of which is given the the relevant Guide to the Diploma, including the Regulations and Syllabus.

Candidate Code of Conduct

Candidate Misconduct Policy

Candidate Plagiarism Policy

Sample Questions

List of Examiners

The Sydney Selwyn Lecture

The Sydney Selwyn lecture which formally was a prize is in memory of Professor Sydney Selwyn (1934-1996), a medical microbiologist and bacteriologist, bone marrow transplant pioneer, and world-class expert in the history and development of medicine. The lecture is presented by the best candidate in the Diploma in the Philosophy of Medicine examination.

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