Diploma in the History of Medicine

Established 1970

The Diploma in the History of Medicine (DHMSA) was instituted by the Society of Apothecaries in 1970. The Diploma is intended to indicate familiarity with medical and healthcare practice from ancient to modern times and understanding of relevant methods of enquiry. It demonstrates the ability to identify, access, evaluate and share historic material; skills which are assessed through completing a dissertation and presenting a lecture to a specific audience.

*Please note, The DHMSA examination will change from 2024 onwards. Therefore, 2023 will be the final opportunity for the DHMSA to be taken in it's current format.


DHMSA Application Forms

Please contact academicadmin@apothecaries.org should you require Form Q to apply for Reasonable Adjustments to be made to your examination. A report  from an Educational Assessor must be provided.


Application for entry to the 2024 DHMSA examination is now OPEN

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Further information regarding exam sittings and closing dates can be found in the Administrative Guidance for Candidates document.

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Academic Policies for Candidates

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure The Society's Review and Appeal Procedure gives information about feedback, review and appeal. Candidates who seek a review or appeal should note that there is a fee payable, the amount of which is given the the relevant Guide to the Diploma, including the Regulations and Syllabus.

Candidate Code of Conduct

Candidate Misconduct Policy

Candidate Plagiarism Policy

Examiner List

Maccabaean Prize and Medal

The Maccabaean Prize and Medal are awarded for the best dissertation submitted for the Diploma in the History of Medicine examination. The Maccabaean Society was founded in 1891 as “an association of Jewish professional gentlemen in a species of club”. It now has 500 members, women and men, most of whom are distinguished professionals.