Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences

Established 1998
This examination was originally offered by the Medical Faculty of the University of Glasgow and transferred, after some adaptation, to the Society in 1997. The Diploma is intended to demonstrate knowledge of forensic medical sciences for those who are involved with or interested in medico-legal work. It is open to registered medical practitioners, dental practitioners, lawyers and others with experience of forensic medical sciences who have completed the part time course run by the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences in London, which is also run on line, or, until 2018, by the University of Glasgow.

For information on the course held in London please see www.afms.org.uk


Examination documentation

Guide to the Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences  - (incorporating the Regulations and Syllabus)

Administrative Guidance for Candidates (including the examination timetable and fees, and dissertation subject for submission by the specified deadline)

Policy for Candidates seeking Special Examination Arrangements

Standard Setting Procedures for Diploma Examinations

Application forms

First time entry to the exam June 2020: Form A

Re-entry to the exam June 2020: Form R

Request for special examination arrangements: Form Q

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

The Society's Review and Appeal Procedure gives information about feedback, review and appeal. Candidates who seek a review or appeal should note that there is a fee payable, the amount of which is given the the relevant Guide to the Diploma, including the Regulations and Syllabus.

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

List of Examiners

Pass Lists