Baroness Warnock podcast

Listening to and reflecting on the podcast interview with Baroness Warnock will count as a bonus lecture (this is useful if you wish to make up sufficient lectures to enter the DPMSA examination) If you then send the course Director an email with adequate answers to the following questions this will count having been done:

1. How did the concept of personhood arise in Warnock committee's deliberations?

2. How did the committee decide on the 14 day cut-off for allowing embryos to develop outside the body?

3. What issues of justice did the committee discuss?

4. How did the committee reconcile its dissenting opinion?

5. How is the Sorites paradox relevant to public policy?

6. Do you have any other reflections on the moral and philosophical issues considered by the Warnock committee?

Please email Dr Andrew Papanikitas with your answers. Email: