Apothecaries Events

The Society is unique in combining the responsibilities of a City of London Livery Company with those of a UK medical academic institution. The Awards Dinner marks our annual celebration of medical science and education. Three prestigious awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony: the Galen Medal in Therapeutics; the Farr Medal, for significant contribution […]

The Society’s major functions are our showpiece events, and are open to Liverymen, Yeomen and their guests.  Hosted by the Master and Wardens, official guests may include visiting Masters, Presidents of Royal Societies, senior figures in the world of medicine, pharmacy, the sciences, entertainment, the Armed Forces, finance, politics, and beyond. These dinners are the […]

Rarely in its history has the Society held a Ball, but 2022 will be one of those years. With our brand new Champagne Bar, and the addition of a marquee in the Courtyard that will provide an exciting inside-outside space, the Summer Ball will be a highlight of the new Master’s year. It will include […]

This event is held on the day that the new Master is elected and begins with a service at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, which will be conducted by the new Master’s Chaplain.  During the service, the Clerk will read out the names of members known to have died during the past year.  The service will be followed […]