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Galen Dinner 2019

The Apothecaries’ Prize was awarded to Dr Aran Singanayagam for his paper ‘Corticosteriod suppresions of antiviral immunity increases bacterial loads and mucus production in COPD exacerbations’ The Surgeon General’s Apothecaries’ Prize was awarded to Col. Michael Ingram who was pivitol in engaging with Vietnam People’s Army. The William Farr Medal was awarded to Professor Simon […]

Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine – Spring lecture 2019

Professor Dame Anne Mills spoke on 21 May 2019. Lecture title: Addressing challenges in health system financing in low income countries Left-right Professor M Farthing, Mr N Royle (Clerk), Dr J Moore-Gillon, Dr J Neild, Dr P Tooley, Professor Dame Anne Mills (Speaker), Dr Christina Dale (President), Dr R Palmer, Dr A Mozumder (Dean), Dr R […]

Hans Sloane Lecture 2019

The Hans Sloane lecture took place on 16 April 2019. Speaker: Professor Markham J Geller Lecture title: The Simple and the Complex: the Assyrian Apothecary at Work If you missed the lecture, catch up on soundcloud Left-right Dr J Holliday, Mr N Royle (Clerk), Dr J Neild, Dr P O’Mordha, Ms Briony Hudson (President), Dr R […]

Keats Memorial Lecture 2019

The Keats Memorial Lecture was held at Guy’s Chapel, King’s College London Speaker: Professor Nicholas Roe Lecture title: John Keats: places, patterns and poetical purposes If you missed the lecture, catch up on youtube – click here   (Left – right) View from the square of Guy’s Chapel, inside the chapel and Professor Roe (far left).

Geoffrey Flavell Lecture 2019

The Flavell lecture was held on Wednesday, 20th February 2019. Speaker: Thomas Morris Lecture title: Incursions into the Citadel of Life: the Origins of Heart Surgery in Britain (Left – right)  Dr R Palmer, Professor M Farthing (Senior Warden), Dr T Chambers, Ms B Hudson (Interim President), Thomas Morris (Speaker), Professor C Mackworth-Young (Immediate Past Master), […]

Poetry in Practice – The Bigger Picture

‘Poetry in Practice’ was a partnered event with the Faculty of History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Royal College of General Practitioners. This launch is the start of an ongoing series under the umbrella of ‘The Bigger Picture’. The event was held at Apothecaries’ Hall and hosted by Dr Katie Amiel and […]

Osler lecture 2019

The Osler lecture was held on 21 January 2019. Lecture title: Al-Razi, Physician, Philosopher, Maverick Speaker: Duaa Khair (Left-right) Dr Peadar O’Mordha, Dr Peter Tooley, Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (President), Dr Roy Palmer, Ms Duaa Khair (Speaker), Professor Martin Rossor (Master Apothecary), Mr Nicholas Wood (Curator), Dr Derek Adams, Mr Nick Royle (Clerk), Professor Michael Farthing […]

Gideon de Laune lecture 2018

Gideon de Laune lecture given on 22 November 2018 Lecture title: Apothecaries, Advertisements and Antidotes in the Sun King’s Paris Speaker: Dr Emma Spary (Left-right) Dr Jonthan Holliday, Mr Nicholas Wood (Curator), Professor Martin Rossor (Master), Dr Emma Spary (Speaker), Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (President), Dr Robert Bethel, Dr Michael Spencer, Mr Nick Royle (Clerk) (Left-right) […]

History Day 2018

On Tuesday 27 November, Faculty of History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy joined over 100 exhibitors from museums, archival records, medical schools and more at Senate House for the annual History Day. There were a series of talks and 300 plus people walked through the door. (Left – right) Maria Ferran, Faculty Manager Dr […]