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Speaker: Professor Richard Williams OBE TD People’s experiences of emergencies, disasters, conflict, and disease outbreaks cover a huge spectrum of circumstances, events, and situations.  They range in severity from mild to very severe.  The Manchester Arena bombing showed that distress in physically uninjured survivors was universal and may last longer than thought before. Richard says, […]

Image credit: https://iiif.wellcomecollection.org/image/b28640780_0004.jp2/full/760%2C/0/default.jpg Licence: Public Domain Mark Credit: Beecham’s music portfolio. No. 23, Hearts of oak. Wellcome Collection. This meeting is open to Fellow members and Non-Fellows members. If you would like to know about Fellows’ membership, please click here. Cost to attend in-person: £50.00 Cost to attend online: £15.00 Limited Fellows free places Timetable: 0930-1010 registration […]

The winner of the ‘Best Test Lecture’ in the Diploma in the History of Medicine is Meredith Temple-Smith. Time: 12pm BST / 9pm Melbourne, Vic Australia. A century after congenital syphilis caused major panic among health authorities in Australia, it has re-emerged as a serious public health concern. The discovery of the cause of syphilis […]