Welcome to the new Master Apothecary!

AVM Aroop Mozumder 

It is an enormous privilege and honour to be elected Master Apothecary for the year 2023-24.  I would like to thank my predecessor and friend Dr Jonathan Holliday for his huge contribution last year in moving forward a range of important issues, from implementing the findings of the Academic Review Group to widening access to our Hall for young Apothecaries.  In doing this he has had an eye to our history, indeed we much enjoyed celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Chelsea Physic Garden on 31 May 2023.

Academically the Society has been very busy.  Maintaining our portfolio of examinations through the difficult COVID years has not been easy, so our thanks go to the Head of Academic and the Dean for their sterling work.  Indeed, they have driven progress towards on-line and digital examinations much more in keeping with other postgraduate academic bodies.  We are also looking to expand our number of examinations and always strive to remain relevant to current medical practice.  I also look forward to working with our new Faculty Presidents and supporting their interesting range of evening lectures.

This year I also look forward to working with the Curator, Past Master Mr Nicholas Wood and his team in broadening the visibility of some of our medical treasures so that they are increasingly seen at major Society functions.

In July and August 2023 we are carrying out a major refurbishment of the Great Hall, Parlour, stairs and the landings.  You will all notice the changes, which will be expertly managed by the team that developed the Shop, much more in keeping with some of our historic colours, which is a really exciting development.  We expect to have the Hall back and functioning by mid-September.

The past few years have seen many significant changes and we are now in a much better position with our estates, our academic and financial governance, and I would like to give due thanks to the Clerk and his team who are doing the hard work of implementing the changes.

Our social functions are increasingly well attended, which is very pleasing and we are making good use of the Shop and the Courtyard for both formal and informal functions, long may that continue!

I wish you all a very happy and healthy year.  Please stay engaged with the Society and do take part in our full programme of interesting lectures and events, and please contribute to the vital charitable role that the Society plays in supporting medical students in need.

With Best Wishes,

AVM Aroop Mozumder, Master Apothecary