Fellows' Events


Welcome to the Fellows area! The Fellows are now in their fourth year! Thank you to the Facilitators that dedicate time to organising the meetings.

History Facilitators: Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe
Professor Tilli Tansey

Philosophy Facilitators: Dr Andrew Papanikitas & Dr Trevor Stammers

History Fellows Meetings & Philosophy Fellows Meetings - Future dates -
All meetings are held at Apothecaries' Hall

History Meeting - TBC
Philosophy Meeting - Friday 23rd February 2018 at 2:30-4:30pm (Parlour)

Bicentenary Celebrations 

Speakers: Dr J Ford, Dr D Adams, Dr E Wawrzynzak, Ms A Wawrzynzak, Dr C Derrett, Dr C Timmis, Dr S Miller & Dr M Edwards

Bicentenary Celebrations of the Apothecaries Act

The programme of the day was;

Welcome and Introduction – Chair Dr John Ford, Chairman of Friends of the Archive

“The Apothecaries Apotheosis - A Prescription for Power and how it was dispensed”
An introduction to the 1815 Apothecaries Act – why was it needed, why was it important?
Fiona Davidson 

A Study of the First Year -  Julie Papworth 

Why I resigned”: a dramatization of a tirade by G M Burrows, Surgeon Apothecary and Member of the first Court of Examiners - Adapted by Fiona Subotsky, featuring Martin Edwards, Fiona Subotsky and Edward Wawrzynczak, Chris Derrett

Tea - Medically-themed cakes from Walsham-le-willows Women's Institute

Exhibition - Items from the Archives of the Society of Apothecaries and the Royal College of General Practitioners

Two Exam Candidates in the first year: 
Charles Thackrah - Edward Wawrzynczak
John Keats - Sean Hughes

Thomas Wakley and the Apothecaries Act - Carolyn Paul

Medical Education and Medical professional development after the ActChris Derrett

Discussion and Closing remarks - John Ford


Doctors and Medicine at the time of the Great War: Changes, Challenges & Consequences - Click here to read more

Bicentenary Celebrations of the Apothecaries Act

The war of 1914-18 changed the lives of men and women in all walks of life; this meeting explores how it affected doctors, the practice of medicine, and the Society’s members and trade.

Date: Monday 27th June 2016 from 2pm-5pm

     Guests arriving in the Courtyard                         Various displays in sections of the Hall

     The Roll of Honour                                               The Library opens it doors to the
                                                                                        Historical Collection    

     The Archives displaying Ronald Ross's            Anne Wawryznczak playing tunes from WW1
     original certificate and other books restored
     or donated through the Adopt-a-book scheme.   

 Jennian Geddes talking on 'Medics with          (Left to right - Fellows speakers) Dr John 
 a Cause'                                                                    Ford, Dr Derek Adams, Edward Wawryznczak,  
                                                                                    Anne Wawryznczak, Dr Chris Derrett, Dr
                                                                                    Christopher Timmis, Dr Simon Miller & Dr
                                                                                    Martin Edwards