Galen Award Ceremony & Dinner

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  • Venue: Society of Apothecaries
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The Society is unique in combining the responsibilities of a City of London Livery Company with those of a UK medical academic institution. The Awards Dinner marks our annual celebration of medical science and education.

Three prestigious awards are presented at the Awards Ceremony: the Galen Medal in Therapeutics; the Farr Medal, for significant contribution to the management of the care of elderly people; and the Surgeon-General’s Prize for Excellence in Military Medical Support to Crisis.  In addition, the Apothecaries’ Prize for junior doctors at pre-consultant level (which was introduced in 2017 to mark the 400th anniversary of the granting of the Society’s Royal Charter) will be presented.

Those attending should be seated by 6.15 pm, as the presentation will begin at 6.30 pm precisely.  This will be followed by a reception and a four-course dinner to which Presidents of Royal Colleges and other distinguished guests are invited.

Who can attend: Liverymen, Yeomen, and their guests
Cost: £110
Dress code: White tie & decorations (black tie acceptable)

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