Apothecaries 400th Appeal

In 2017 the Apothecaries celebrated the 400th anniversary of its Royal Charter. The Master and Court, the governing body of the Society, decided to celebrate this important landmark in its history by instituting a set of new annual awards that will further its aim of 'filling the gaps'. Therefore until 2017 each Master has committed to raising at least £30,000 during his or her term of office.

This will produce £150,000 that will cover the minimum cost of the awards that we are hoping to fund; but if each Master is able to raise more than that the number of awards - and the ability of the Apothecaries to help - will be that much greater.


Social Events

Fund Raising

The Rhinoceros Theme

The awards are themed around the rhinoceros, depicted through Dürer's famous etching which has been the Society's emblem for over 400 years. It is untrue that the horn has the aphrodisiac powers so beloved by the media, but this exotic creature, sometimes confused with the unicorn, has always been associated with magical properties. However, this reputation is now sadly endangering its existence. This marvelous animal has helped identify the London Apothecaries in the past - and now it's time for us to help the rhinoceros.