Apothecaries Events

This dinner is primarily for the Society’s Yeomen and their guests, but Liverymen are also very welcome. Traditionally, it is the main dinner where we celebrate our connections with HM Armed Forces, so service personnel are particularly welcome as guests. It is always a colourful dinner with the service personnel in their uniforms. The stair […]

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries raises money for medical students facing financial hardship during their penultimate or final year, the most difficult time when studying medicine.

Who can attend: Liverymen, Yeomen, and their guests Cost: £105 Dress code: White tie (black tie acceptable) Contact: assistantclerk@apothecaries.org The Society’s major functions are our showpiece events, open to Liverymen, Yeomen and their guests. Hosted by the Master and Wardens, official guests may include visiting Masters, Presidents of Royal Societies, senior figures in the world […]