The History of Medicine (DHMSA)

Course Director: Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe

The course runs annually from September to June on Saturdays. The lectures are given either at the The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries,  The Wellcome Collection, London Metropolitan archives or Guy's Hospital.

The course provides lectures on the History of Western Medicine from Ancient times to the present. Each historical "epoch" is covered by a specialist historian. The history and development of the major specialities are covered by an expert in that particular field. Guidance is provided for the written papers and the dissertation for the Diploma Examination which is not compulsory. There is suggested background reading lists for the whole subject and for individual topics are provided.

Course fee - £875 (£600 for undergraduates, proof of student status required) includes membership of the Wellcome Library.

There are some external bursaries available towards the course fees, please click here.

The DHMSA Programme 2019-2020V9 - 2019-2020 (subject to change)
Course  Terms and conditions - 2019-2020
Reading lists

Submissions onto the course are now closed.

Eligibility, application and fees for the diploma examination are run separately by the Examinations Office. Details can be obtained here.

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