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Osler lecture 2019

The Osler lecture was held on 21 January 2019. Lecture title: Al-Razi, Physician, Philosopher, Maverick Speaker: Duaa Khair (Left-right) Dr Peadar O’Mordha, Dr Peter Tooley, Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (President), Dr Roy Palmer, Ms Duaa Khair (Speaker), Professor Martin Rossor (Master Apothecary), Mr Nicholas Wood (Curator), Dr Derek Adams, Mr Nick Royle (Clerk), Professor Michael Farthing […]

Gideon de Laune lecture 2018

Gideon de Laune lecture given on 22 November 2018 Lecture title: Apothecaries, Advertisements and Antidotes in the Sun King’s Paris Speaker: Dr Emma Spary (Left-right) Dr Jonthan Holliday, Mr Nicholas Wood (Curator), Professor Martin Rossor (Master), Dr Emma Spary (Speaker), Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (President), Dr Robert Bethel, Dr Michael Spencer, Mr Nick Royle (Clerk) (Left-right) […]

History Day 2018

On Tuesday 27 November, Faculty of History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy joined over 100 exhibitors from museums, archival records, medical schools and more at Senate House for the annual History Day. There were a series of talks and 300 plus people walked through the door. (Left – right) Maria Ferran, Faculty Manager Dr […]

Drugs, Trade & Empire, 1650-1950

On Friday 9, November, the Faculty of History and Philosophy of Medicine & Pharmacy in conjunction with the British Society for the History of Pharmacy  hosted a one day symposium. Congratulations to the organisers Briony Hudson and Dr Stuart Anderson for hosting a day with talks, poster competitons and a panel discussion.      Briony Hudson […]

Fundraiser night for Society

Park Players from Park Theatre organised a fundraising evening on 31st October 2018. This was to raise money for medical students who have financial difficulty through their penultimate year of study. Last year the Society award 28 students £1,000 each, we are hoping to raise some of this to assist. The 22 actors donated their […]

Monckton Copeman Lecture 2018

Monckton Copeman Lecture 2018 held on 24 October 2018 Lecture title: How Society Physician John Elliotson held Victorian Britain Spellbound Speaker: Wendy Moore If you missed the lecture, catch up on soundcloud         (Left-right) Dr J Neild, Mr N Royle (Clerk), Dr C Gardner-Thorpe (President), Wendy Moore (Speaker), Professor M Rossor (Master), Dr […]

Sydney Selwyn Lecture 2018

The first Sydney Selwyn lecture was held on 9 October 2018. Speaker: Dr Tina Matthews Lecture title: Medical Professionalism, Public Institutions and the Alder Hey Children’s Organ Scandal If you missed the lecture catch up on  (Left-right) Dr J Neild, Dr C Gardner-Thorpe (President), Mr N Royle (Clerk), Dr Tina Matthews (Speaker), Dr A Papanikitas, Professor […]

Audrey Few Lecture 2018

Faculty of Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine The Audrey Few lecture was held on 3 October 2018. Lecture title: Medical Emergencies of Global Concern (Left -right) Dr J Neild, Mr N Wood, Dr P Tooley, Professor M Rossor (Master), Professor Chris Whitty (Speaker), Dr Christina Dale (President), Professor M Farthing (Senior Warden), Mr N Royle (Clerk) & […]

Sydenham Lecture 2018

Sydenham Lecture – 13 September 2018 If you missed the lecture catch up on (Left-right) Dr P O’Mordha, Dr J Neild, Dr R Palmer, Professor M Rossor (Master), Dr Hilary Morris (Speaker), Dr C Gardner-Thorpe (President), Professor M Farthing (Senior Warden), Dr P Simmons and Mr Nick Royle (Clerk) Guests of the Faculty (Left-right) Dr Hilary […]