Celebrating Women in History, Science and the Arts

The Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy had its first event celebrating International Women’s Day on Thursday, 5th March 2020. The event consisted of a variety of historical talks on panel discussions, screenings and readings. If you missed the event, then catch up on soundcloud shortly.

Thank you to the speakers and chairs, to Jon Baines Tours for sponsoring our drinks reception and for all of our volunteers!

For the History talks; Briony Hudson (President of the Faculty), Dr Amy Erickson, Ms Frances Reed and Dr Catherine James.
For the Arts conversations; Maria Thomas, Dr Nidhi Gupta, Bev Thomas and Sybil H. Mair
For the Science panel discussions; Jo Durrant, Dr Emily Rees, Ms Natasha McEnroe and Dr Jackie Bell
Click here for the programme


Photographer: Lloyd Jones