Appointment of New Dean

The Society of Apothecaries is pleased to announce that Dr Aroop Mozumder has been appointed as Dean to provide leadership and co-ordination to the Society’s academic activities. Aroop will work to continue to keep the Society’s high educational standards, but also to develop and implement new initiatives to extend the range and reach of the Society’s academic portfolio. The Dean will also manage the Faculties and Friends of the Archives to create greater cohesion between the different areas of the Society.
Aroop comments “The medical teaching and examinations are what make the Society unique among City Livery Companies. I am honoured to be selected as the new Dean in the 400th year of the Society to take this rich academic tradition forward and develop it further, particularly in greater collaboration with other medical academic institutions.”
Aroop comes with a wealth of experience which will benefit this role. After his career in the Royal Air Force where he was the Director General of RAF Medical Services he then became more deeply involved in academia becoming a Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford and a lecturer at a number of academic institutions, including the RSM and St George’s Medical School. He is also an External Examiner for the new Master’s degree in Extreme Medicine at Exeter University. Aroop is currently a Court Assistant at the Society and has been the President of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine since 2012 and an examiner since 2001.These roles have given him considerable knowledge of how the Society functions and its aims.

About the Society

The Society is an innovative and progressive institution, it occupies a unique position within the medical profession, offering education and recognised qualifications in innovative areas of medical practice that are not provided elsewhere.
The Society has two Faculties which run an active programme of lectures and courses for members, Fellows and members of the public. Its extensive Archives and Collections are an important international research resource for doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students.
The Society is a membership organisation, and members of the Society are encouraged to partake in a wealth of social activities, including dinners, lectures and meetings as well as local and international trips arranged by the Livery Committee. These provide a great opportunity for members to network and share medical interests.
The Society is also a charitable organisation, the Master has been working with George Green School as part of the Livery Schools Link; it supports students in financial difficulty from almost every medical school and some schools of pharmacy. Other minor grants are given to City of London, medical and children’s charities.