19th Macdonald Critchley lecture 2018

The Macdonald Critchley lecture was established by an anonymous benefactor in 1979 to commemorate the life and work of Macdonald Critchley. It alternates with the Sir Hans Sloane Lecture and its subject is concerned broadly with the humanities. The first lecture was given in 1982.

Lecture title: Healing the Cycle of Life. The Art of Medicine painted on the ancient walls of Italy.

Speaker: Katriona Munte, PhD

Lecture date: Monday, 4 June 2018

(Left – Right) Mr N Royle (Clerk), Dr T Chambers, Mr M Rossor, Professor C Mackworth-Young (Master), Katriona Munte (Speaker), Dr C Gardner-Thorpe (President), Dr R Palmer, Dr Julia Neild & Dr D Adams

The Faculty has been doing educational outreach and the students from
St George’s University of London joined our lecture evening.


Guests accessing the Library, some books have been donated

to the Society. Click here