Quarantine Symposium 2018

The Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine are hosting a joint symposium to explore the effects on human life and society at times of Quarantine.

This was held on Thursday 24th May at Apothecaries’ Hall. The symposium contained a series of lectures, a mixture of poetry and singing with discussions on ethics. View the Quarantine Programme

The speakers and Presidents are below (Left to right) Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (President of the Faculty of History & Philosophy of Medicine & Pharmacy) , Dr Carole Rawcliffe, Dr Christine Dale (President of the Faculty of Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine), Dr John Moore-Gillon, Dr Tim Healing, Dr Andrew Papanikitas, Dr Hilary Morris, Dr Aengue Joyce, Mr Alex Etchart and Dr Aroop Mozumder (Dean of the Society).

Thank you to Jon Baines Tours who sponsored our sparkling wine reception.

Alex Etchart