Gideon de Laune Lecture 2017

The Gideon De Laune Lecture is named in honour of the Royal Apothecary, who was largely responsible for the grant in 1617 of the Royal Charter which separated the apothecaries from the Grocer’s Company, of which they had been a part for several centuries. The Charter established the Society as an independent City Livery Company. The Lecture has been given annually since 1960, two Lectures having been delivered before the foundation of the Faculty. The topic of the Lecture is usually concerned with the history of the Society or of Apothecaries in general

Lecturer: Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe, MD FRCP FRCPE FACP
Lecture title: “Thinking, Learning, Teaching; An essential role of Apothecaries everywhere”

Guests enjoying refreshments before the lecture

The Court & Speaker (left to right)
Mr Nick Royle (Clerk), AVM Aroop Mozumder, Dr Tina Matthews (President), Mr Martin Rossor, Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe (Speaker), Dr Charles Mackworth-Young (Senior Warden), Dr John Moore-Gillon, Dr Peadar O’Mordha, Mr Martin Jourdan and Dr Robert Bethel
(left to right)  Dr Simon Miller and Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe
(Left to right) Dr John moore-Gillon,Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe and Dr Tina Matthews