Freedom of the City 2017

Our very own Faculty Coordinator and WebMaster for the Society, Maria Ferran stepped forward in obtaining ‘Freedom of the City’.

Maria is very passionate about the Faculties and charitable contribution the Society makes in today’s modern world.

 Maria and Ernie (Beadle)

“Many people today still haven’t heard about Livery companies, their origins or purpose. I am proud to be part of a Livery company that still educates the current and next generation in history, philsophy, ethics, conflict and catastrophe. I’m very humbled to work in such a beautifully historic place where the foundations of medicine, herbs and spices were made, discussed and evolved. The Society offers free evening lectures throughout the year with some amazing speakers. They spark my curiosity, create debate and have even made me cry”.

Maria and Dr John Ford (left) – one of the Sponsors.

Off to the Haksmoor to celebrate!

 Immediate Past Master and Mistress –
Dr Roy Palmer & Celia Palmer