Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine: Ireland

Early in May, six members of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine travelled to the Curragh near Dublin to present a three-day Humanitarian Disaster Assistance Course. This course, which has been run on three previous occasions, is sponsored by the organisation Co-operation and Working Together (CAWT – which is dedicated to improving cross-border co-operation in Ireland) and hosted by the United Nations Training School in Ireland (UNTSI).
The course is an event that strengthens links between those involved in health care throughout Ireland as well as worldwide, and the attendees included personnel from the medical services of the armed services of both the UK and the Irish Republic, representatives of Irish Aid, personnel from the Garda and the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and from the health services of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. This year we were honoured by a visit from HRH the Prince of Wales.

(Left-right) Dr Tim Healing, Col David Ross and HRH the Prince of Wales

(Left – right) HRH Prince of Wales, Professor Jim Ryan & Dr Aroop Mozumder (Dean)

(Left – right) The Members of the Faculty – Dr Richard Williams, Dr Aroop Mozumder,
Professor Jim Ryan, Mr Ken Roberts, Col David Ross & Dr Tim Healing