What We Do

The Society is an innovative and progressive institution, firmly established at the forefront of modern-day medicine and a leading player in the advancement of medical research and knowledge.


We occupy a unique position within the medical profession, offering education and recognised qualifications in vital areas of medical practice that are not provided elsewhere. It is the examining body for seven different Diplomas:

• Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (for forensic pathologists)
• Diploma in the History of Medicine
• Diploma in the Philosophy of Medicine
• Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine
• Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes (also examined in the USA and the Netherlands)

• Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences
• Diploma in HIV Medicine


Our extensive Archives and Collections are an important international research resource for doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

The Society has two Faculties:
• Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy
• Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine

Between them, they run an active programme of lectures and courses for members, Fellows and members of the public.

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Charitable activities 

We support a student from every medical school and some schools of pharmacy. We also offer prizes at the London medical schools, Christ’s Hospital School and the City of London Academy, Southwark.

Other minor grants are given to City of London, medical and children’s charities. 
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Apothecaries Prize

The Society is proud to launch this annual prize in 2017. For more details
Click here Submissions have now closed as of 29 Sept 2017.

Rhino Prize 

The Society is proud to launch this prize in 2017. For more details Click here

Supporting the Lord Mayor and City of London

The Society’s Liverymen form part of the franchise for the election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs and the Society supports the activities of the Lord Mayor and Corporation.

We also have affiliated links with HMS SOMERSET, 256 (City of London) Field Hospital RAMC(V), the Middlesex and North West London ACF, 201 RAMC (Harrow) detachment ACF, and 4626 (County of Wiltshire) Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron RAuxAF.

The Society frequently lets its Hall to other City of London Livery Companies, legal organisations, the City of London police, City institutions, charities, and commercial organisations.

Social calendar

The Society runs a full social dining and meeting programme, and the Livery Committee organises monthly visits and events, all of which are restricted to members of the Society. In addition, the Faculties hold a series of Eponymous Lectures and buffet suppers that are open to the public.
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Visiting us

We welcome visitors to our magnificent and historic Apothecaries’ Hall. We take part in the annual open-house event held in September and also conduct organised tours on request. Please contact the Beadle for more information.

The Beadle, Gary Howe
Society of Apothecaries
Apothecaries' Hall
Black Friars Lane
London EC4V 6EJ

Tel: 020 7236 1189
Fax: 020 7329 3177

Email: beadle@apothecaries.org

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