Apothecaries Events 2017-18

Apothecaries Events

Date 2017
Members & Guests (MG)/Members, Guests & Public (MGP) 
Arabian Knots: Tales of Moral Misunderstanding from East & West (John Locke Lecture) Thurs 18 Jan MGP
First Livery Dinner Wed 24 Jan MG
HQS Wellington Mon 12 Feb MG
Second Livery Dinner Mon 19 Feb MG
Stevens' Cure for Consumption - The Strange Story of Umckalobo (Osler Lecture) Wed 21 Feb MGP
Visit to the Production & Wardrobe Workshops of the Royal Opera House Fri 9 Mar MG
United Guilds Service Fri 16 Mar MG
The End of the Asylum. How Italy Closed down its Pyschiatric Hospitals (Sydenham Lecture) Mon 19 Mar MGP
Third Livery Dinner Thurs 22 Mar MG
The "Petticoat Peril": Exploring Women in Pharmacy (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Lecture) Tues 17 Apr MGP
First Guest Dinner Tues 24 Apr MG
Spring Lecture Tues 1 May MGP
Livery Luncheon Fri 11 May MG
Galen Dinner Thurs 17 May MG
Sat 2 - Thurs 7 June
Healing the Cycle of Life: The Art of Medicine Painted on the Ancient Walls of Italy (19th Macdonald Critchley Lecture) Mon 4 June MGP
Second Guest Night Dinner Wed 20 June MG
Wed 4 July
Thurs 19 July
Weekend in Suffolk Fri 31 Aug - Sun 2 Sept  MG
Wed 12 Sept

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