Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence

Established 1962
(New format from 2012)

The examination is designed for registered medical practitioners who have had experience of forensic pathology practice.

Examination documentation

Guide to the Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (Pathology) (DMJ [Path]) incorporating the Regulations and Syllabus

The Administrative Guidance for Candidates  Gives details of deadlines and fees.  This version gives the fees for the 2019 examination.

Policy for Candidates seeking Special Examination Arrangements

Standard Setting Procedures for Diploma Examinations

Application forms

First Time Entry Application form for February 2019 - Form A 
Re-entry application form - Form R
Request for special examination arrangements:
Form Q

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

The Society's Review and Appeal Procedure gives information about feedback, review and appeal. Candidates who seek a review or appeal should note that there is a fee payable, the amount of which is given the the relevant Guide to the Diploma, including the Regulations and Syllabus.

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

List of Examiners

Pass Lists

2017 Pass List (Path)
2016 Pass list (Path)
2015 Pass List (Path)
2014 Pass List (Path)

2013 Pass List (Path)
2012 Pass List (Path)

Pass Lists (Previous format)

2011 Pass List (Path)
2011 Pass List (Clin)

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