United Guilds’ Service

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  • Venue: St Paul's Cathedral
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The Clerk has three tickets available for the Company Row and five tickets for the unreserved seating in the North Transept.

Members wishing to attend the magnificent service at St Paul’s should apply to the Deputy Clerk for one of the limited number of tickets.  Tickets may also be allocated to non-member spouses for the unreserved seating.  All are welcome to join us for lunch at the Hall, where we are joined by Liverymen from several other Companies.

Who can attend: Liverymen, Yeomen, and their guests
Cost: £60 (for Lunch)
Dress code: Lounge suit
Venue: St Paul’s Cathedral
Contact: deputyclerk@apothecaries.org
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St Paul’s Cathedral & The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries