The ubiquitous Mr Burroughs and the origins of Big Pharma

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Speaker: Julia Sheppard

Lecture summary: Silas Burroughs (1846-1895) was the originator and dominant partner of one of Britain’s most successful pharmaceutical companies, Burroughs Wellcome and Co. But his role in the history of pharmacy has been largely overlooked. This was partly because of his premature death but also because of the breakdown of his relationship with his business partner Henry Wellcome.  Both men were American pharmaceutical salesmen and qualified at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.  But Burroughs,  who travelled around the world promoting his goods with incredible drive and energy, was vital in creating an international market for the firm. He introduced new American sales methods into the UK and was much more than a consummate salesman, becoming an astute manufacturer and entrepreneur. He was a dynamic character.  Julia will discuss his contribution not only to the success of the company but to the pharmaceutical industry in general.

(Monckton Copeman Lecture)

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