Royal College of Physicians’ medicinal garden & lunch visit

Event Details

Dr Henry Oakeley, author of “Doctors in the medicinal garden”, has kindly agreed to lead us on a tour of the Royal College of Physicians’ Garden. The garden has been beautifully designed and is a wonderfully calm space in the centre of London. The real joy is its unique and bespoke collections of plants that offer living examples of the history of medicine from the era of the pyramids of Egypt to today’s life-saving prescription drugs.

The visit will take about 90 minutes, and we will take a light luncheon afterwards at Iberica Marylebone. Numbers are limited to 20 people, places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The cost will be £50 per person.  An optional additional contribution of £5.00 (or more) to the Master’s Fund would be very welcome to support this excellent cause.

For details of this event see the flyer here or contact Prof John Schofield, email: