Livery Committee tour of Andalusia

Event Details

Date: Friday 8 to Friday 15 March 2024
Who can attend: Society members and their guests
Cost: £2,095 per person sharing standard double room (solo traveller supplement £395)


There is more to Andalusia than its crowded Costa del Sol coastline. The tour will explore the most impressive historical cities of this fascinating region of Spain. Some early history: The Phoenicians were the first to settle in this part of Iberia and founded the city of Cadiz in 1110BC, which prospered due to their well-established trade routes across the Mediterranean. The Greeks and Carthaginians then followed. The Roman were attracted by the riches of natural raw materials found in the area, settled here in 206BC, and ruled for almost 700 years. After the collapse of the Roman Empire the Visigoths arrived here in 620AD. Invading Moorish troops led by commandant Tariq ibn Ziyad conquered the area in 711AD and ruled for almost 800 years until the fall of Granada to the Christians in 1492.

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