Friends of the Archives: Friends or foes?

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Speaker: Dr Helen Clifford

The story of the Apothecaries’ road to independence from the Grocers will be well known to this audience.  However in this lecture we are going to explore the subject via the Court Minutes of the Grocers’ Company to reveal particular people, places and issues at the heart of what was called the great ‘Separation’.  Be prepared for strong language!

Dr Helen Clifford is the Grocers’ Company Historian and Archivist. She first began working for the Grocers in 2010, writing their history through their collections of silver and glass.  This developed into a two-volume history From Grossers to Grocers.  Volume I covers their foundation to 1798 (2018) and Volume 2, takes the story to the present (2023).

This event is open to all.
Cost: £10.00