Civic Livery Dinner (in the presence of the Lord Mayor)

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  • Venue: Society of Apothecaries
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Formerly called the First Livery Dinner, now renamed the Civic Livery Dinner.  For the first time, the Lord Mayor and Civic Party will attend be in attendance (traditionally they have been invited to the June Court Dinner).

The Society’s major functions are our showpiece events, and are open to Liverymen, Yeomen and their guests.  Hosted by the Master and Wardens, official guests may include visiting Masters, Presidents of Royal Societies, senior figures in the world of medicine, pharmacy, the sciences, entertainment, the Armed Forces, finance, politics, and beyond.  These dinners are the ideal opportunity to show friends and family what the Livery is all about – whilst recognising our academic and charitable purpose.  With members and guests dressed in their finest, participating in ancient – and enjoyable – ceremonies, partaking of the finest wines and food, and with excellent entertainment, what is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most can be enjoyed frequently by Apothecaries.

Who can attend: Liverymen, Yeomen, and their guests
Cost: £120
Dress code: White tie (black tie acceptable)
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