Appointment of New President

Meet our new Faculty President…

Dr Christina Dale MBBS FRCEM

It is a great honour to be voted in as President of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine. I am a full time Emergency Medicine Doctor based at Royal Bournemouth Hospital but for a long time now have been a great believer in the importance of a professional and academic foundation to Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, some may disagree but I believe it is a Specialty in its own right.

After helping set up a Mobile Medical Clinic in Albania during the Kosovo War in 1999 I realised that just being a doctor was not sufficient to ensure a successful mission in an extreme environment. When I saw the advert for a new course in Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine I jumped at the opportunity – there were only 7 of us in a little room at the Leonard Cheshire – that was 2002 and now, in 2017, the course has 248 students registered and a waiting list until 2020! A lot has changed.

I have been a part of the Executive Committee since its inception, the Faculty has a vital role to play in supporting and continuing the success of the course and the Diploma. I believe that, as a Faculty, we should be encouraging our past students to continue their relationship with us so as a Society we can share and learn from the wealth of experience we all share.

Over the coming months I wish to put together a five year plan detailing how the Faculty can provide its members with opportunities and best practice for future deployments.

If anyone has any ideas that they wish to share, please contact me through the email address: