Explorer Online Courses 2020

What is or was an apothecary? How did the role of the British doctor develop? How can we investigate the health of Ancient Egyptians? What ethical issues does the COVID-19 pandemic raise?

The Faculty of the History & Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy & the Faculty of Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine have been working together on 3 new online "explorer" courses for summer 2020. Participants can choose one, two or all three to journey through. They will offer a taste of the British medical landscape, World Medicine, and Ethics and the Pandemic.

The course will be available online to view from 1 August 2020 - 30 September 2020 and there will be up to two zoom discussion sessions to attend with speakers. If speakers are not available online for Zoom discussions, few be available via email.

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Contact: Maria Ferran, Faculty Manager & Webmaster