Enquiries & Access

 The Society’s Collection is located in Apothecaries’ Hall, Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EJ.

All enquiries in relation to records in the Archives should be made in writing to the Archive Office, with full contact details, including home or institutional postal address, or by e-mail to (archives@apothecaries.org). Details of any information already known, and the sources used, would be very helpful. Since all Archive personnel are volunteers and the Archive office is not permanently staffed, responses to enquiries may take a little time. However every endeavor will be made to answerer queries as soon as is feasible
There is no research fee and therefore no charge for enquiry work but a donation to the Friends of the Archives  towards the Friends conservation programme is welcome. Payment may be made by personal cheque or banker’s draft (in pounds sterling) which should be made payable to: “Society of Apothecaries”.
Personal access to the Archives may be granted by prior appointment with the Archive Office (archives@apothecaries.org) to bona fide scholars and researchers. Scholars and researchers are required to specify the information they are seeking, compete the appropriate request or copyright forms and agree to abide by the Society’s rules for researchers.
Microfilm copies exist for many of the major series of the Society’s pre-20th-century records. These microfilms are on open access in the search room of the Manuscripts Department in Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, London EC2P 7HH (tel: 020 7332 1868/1870 email: (manuscripts.guildhall@cityoflondon.gov.uk). The Guildhall Library is open to the general public six days a week and no appointment is necessary.
Tours of the Hall, which includes viewing of the paintings, furniture, and some of the artefacts, may be arranged for small groups though the Bedel.   Click here.
The Library is open at selected times, generally just prior to the Eponymous Lectures run by the Society’s Faculties which are notified elsewhere. Click here.
Other enquiries about the Society of Apothecaries’ Collection should be addressed to The Curator by e-mailing: (curator@apothecaries.org)