The Rose Prize : For original work in the History of General Practice

The Rose Prize

This prize commemorates William Rose, Apothecary of London, whose court case of 1701-1704 established the legal foundation of General Practice in England and Fraser Rose, a co-founder of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London and the Royal College of General Practitioners are pleased to announce that the Rose Prize for original work in the History of General Practice in the British Isles will be awarded in Spring /Summer 2015.
Submissions are now open,  invitations from all historians and lay historians with an interest in general practice either as individuals or as a group who are, or who have been, involved in primary health care in the British Isles. The work should be original and specifically written for the Rose Prize, with demonstrable emphasis on primary source material. It should also be appropriately illustrated and suitably bound. Any topic on the History of General Practice in the British Isles may be chosen.

Typescript entries should be between 4-6,000 words. Submissions in other media will be accepted provided that they are of comparable intellectual rigour. Publication will be encouraged.
The winner(s) will have their name(s) engraved on the plinth of the Rose Bowl, which they will keep for two years, and they will also receive a suitably inscribed certificate. There is also a prize of £200.

The award will be presented at Apothecaries’ Hall and the winner(s) is normally expected to give a short presentation of their work, this will be considered at the time of the announcement.

DEADLINE: Submissions have now closed
Please see guidelines for future reference: 2015 Rose Prize

For further details contact: Maria Ferran, Faculty Administrator
Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy
Telephone: 020 7236 1189