Sydenham Lecture Oct 2016 - Click here to read more

The Sydenham lecture founded in 1960, was named in honour of Thomas Sydenham, the great seventeenth century clinician who was known throughout Europe as the "English Hippocrates". It is usually on a clinical subject.

Lecturer: Dr Marina Morgan, FRCPath

Lecture title: Life and Death in Chains: Streptococcus pyogenes and history

            Court room - Afternoon tea                                               Hall - Filling up for the lecture

            Dr Marina Morgan - Speaker                                          Dr Marina Morgan and Tina Matthews (President)

     Below are members of the public and Faculty members enjoying the drinks reception...

              (Left to right) Tina Matthews (President), Dr Derek Adams (Master), Dr Marina Morgan (Speaker)


If you missed the lecture, then please listen to the podcast here!
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