Audrey Few Lecture 2017 - Click here

A trust in the name of Audrey Githa Few was set up in 1982 until 2005 by the United Kingdom Committee for the World Health Organisation of the United Nations. This trust provided grants to organisations including schools and charities linked to particular work in humanitarian medicine. The Faculty was grateful to have received some monies in 2004. This enabled the Faculty to establish an annual lecture programme with prominent speakers, hence furthering its objectives in the field of humanitarian medicine.


(Left - right) Dr P O'Mordha, Mr N Wood, Professor M Rossor, Mr S Mannion (Speaker), Dr Christina Dale (President), Mr M Hakimi (Speaker), Professor C Mackworth-Young (Master), Dr A Mozumder (Dean) and Dr D Adams (Immediate Past Master)

(Above) Seema gave the vote of thanks!


If you missed the lecture, you can catch up with the podcast here!
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