Court Room

The Court Room is carpeted, and completely panelled in oak in a style similar to that in the Great Hall.

The room is dominated by two large stained glass windows, one depicting the Society's Coat of Arms, the other the Stuart royal Arms.

Portraits adorn the walls and the painting which hangs over the fireplace is that of Gideon de Laune, Royal Apothecary to Queen Anne and founder of the Society. It was presented to the Society of Apothecaries in 1641.

The portrait of Gideon de Laune hangs over the fireplace
The dimensions of the Court Room (9.14m x 9.14m; or, 30ft x 30ft) create a convivial and intimate atmosphere which makes it very suitable for the following functions:


Private luncheons
Small dinner parties



There is a connecting door between the Court Room and the Parlour

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