Eponymous Lectures

Our highly regarded Eponymous Lectures are held biannually for members of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, their guests and members of the public.

These prestigious events attract knowledgeable and entertaining speakers of the highest calibre from a wide range of professions. Previous eminent guest lecturers have included Kate Adie, General Sir Michael Jackson, Professor Sue Black, Martin Bell, and Surgeon Vice Admiral Philip Raffaelli.

These popular evening lectures are held at the historic Apothecaries’ Hall in the City of London and are free to attend.

Members and students of the Faculty can enjoy the post-lecture drinks and nibbles complimentary.  Non-Members pay £10.00pp.

Spring Lecture
May 2018
Professor, the Lord Alderdice
Conflict, Complexity and Cooperation

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture

October 2017
Mr Steven Mannion
Sticks and Stones, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery in Catastrophe and Conflict
Mr Mounir Hakimi
War Surgery and Health Crisis in Syria


Spring Lecture
May 2017

Mr Mike Wooldridge
Race against the clock 

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2016
Sir Mark Wolport

Science for Emergencies - Advising Government


Spring Lecture
May 2016
Dr Tim Healing, Dr Gordon Gancz and Prof Richard Williams:

Ebola - One Year On

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2015

Miss Hasu Patel: "7/7 Ten Years on-Challenges for the future

 Spring Lecture
May 2015
Group Captain Bruce Nelson:
"Sir Archibald McIndoe and the Guinea Pig Club" 

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2014
Professor Ari Leppaniemi: "Damage control and open abdomen"


Spring Lecture
May 2014
Dr Stephanie Simmonds: 'Humanitarian aid - One person's perspective from experience as a donor, UN and NGO stakeholder'
Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2013
Dr Roel Coutinho: 'Infectious Diseases in a Global Setting'

Spring Lecture
May 2013
Dr Emer McGilloway: 'History and Recent Advances in the Rehabilitation of Brain Injured Personnel'

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2012
Professor Norman Rich: 'Management of Trauma in Conflict' 

Spring Lecture
May 2012
Surgeon Vice Admiral Philip I Raffaelli: 'International Partnerships and Advances in Military Medicine'

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2011
Miss Hasu Patel and Mr Steven Dryden: 'Blast injuries, 7/7 London'

Spring Lecture
April 2011
Professor Sue Black: 'Forensic Anthropology in the real world'

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2010
General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank: 'Just War'

Spring Lecture
April 2010
Professor Anthony Redmond: 'Haiti'

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
September 2009
Dr Daniel Sokol: 'Medical Ethics'

Spring Lecture
May 2009
Mr John Beavis: 'Reflections on how wars and disasters affect individuals and societies'

Audrey Few Lecture
November 2008
Professor Simon Wessely: 'From Blitz to Bin Laden'

Spring Lecture
April 2008
General Sir Michael Jackson: 'Life of a Soldier'

Audrey Few Lecture
December 2007
Major General Professor Alan Hawley: 'Disaster Medicine'

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
November 2006
Martin Bell: 'Reflections of a war zone thug'

Spring Lecture
March 2006
General Sir Rupert Smith: 'Future Conflicts' 

Autumn Audrey Few Lecture
October 2005
Ms Kate Adie: 'Witnessing Catastrophe' 

Spring Lecture
April 2005
Professor Richard Holmes: 'Doctors in the trenches'