Diploma in the History of Medicine

Established 1970

The examination is designed in part as a qualification for those who may be called upon to teach the history of medicine, either in separate formal courses or as part of the undergraduate course of medical studies or of studies in history or the social sciences.

It is the Society's intention that the Diploma shall be regarded as a proof of a good general knowledge of    up-to-date sources and methods of inquiry, of an adequate factual knowledge of one special period or topic within the field, and an ability to lecture in an interesting manner.

Most candidates participate in the Society's Faculty's Diploma Course in the History of Medicine but this is not mandatory.

Examination documentation

Guide to the Diploma in the History of Medicine (DHMSA)
(incorporating the Regulations and Syllabus)
January 2017 - paragraph 59 (test lecture IT) has been updated.


Administrative Guidance for Candidates 
(including the examination timetable, fees and the various deadlines)

Policy for Candidates seeking Special Examination Arrangements

Standard Setting Procedures for Diploma Examinations

List of successful dissertation titles  2005-2017

Application forms

The deadline for applications for 2018 has now passed.

First time entry to the exam (SSC and non-SSC candidates): Form A

Re-entry: Form R

Request for special examination arrangements: Form Q



List of Examiners

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

The Society's Review and Appeal Procedure gives information about feedback, review and appeal. Candidates who seek a review or appeal should note that there is a fee payable, the amount of which is given the the relevant Guide to the Diploma, including the Regulations and Syllabus.

Examination Review and Appeal Procedure

Maccabaean Prize and Medal

The Maccabaean Prize and Medal are awarded for the best dissertation submitted for the Diploma in the History of Medicine examination. The Maccabaean Society was founded in 1891 as “an association of Jewish professional gentlemen in a species of club”.  It now has 500 members, women and men, most of whom are distinguished professionals.


Pass Lists

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