The Apothecaries' Act of 1815 empowered the Society to institute a Court of Examiners to examine and to grant a licence and to register successful candidates to practise as an Apothecary in England and Wales.  The General Medical Council was established in 1858 and in 1907 an Act of Parliament changed the LSA to the Licence in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries to recognise the inclusion of surgery in the examination, which was  required by the Medical Act of 1886 for the Licence.

Since 1928, when it instituted the first postgraduate qualification in Midwifery, the Society of Apothecaries has pioneered 15 further diplomas in specialist subjects.  Today, rather than exercising its primary medical qualification, the Society offers other important diplomas and courses which it believes are immensely valuable, although they may be in small or developing specialties.

The Examinations Board has responsibility for the strategic direction of, and policy governing, the Society's diploma examinations.

Professor Trevor Beedham MBBS (Hons) BDS FRCOG Hon DSc                 


Dr Robert Bethel MA MB BChir MRCGP
Professor Michael Farthing BSc MD FRCP
Professor Christopher Hodges MA PhD FSALS
Dr Aroop Mozumder CB MSc (Public Health) MBBS FRCGP DRCOG DTM&H DAvMed DMCC C Dir
Lady Peel (Independent Lay Member)
Mrs Jennifer Maclean (Registrar)

Consultant: Dr Katharine Boursicot, BSc MA MBBS MRCOG MAHPE
Scrutineers: The Master and Wardens
Telephone: 0207 236 1180

E-mail: examoffice@apothecaries.org

The Examinations Department administers the following diplomas

Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (Pathology)

Diploma in the History of Medicine

Diploma in the Philosophy of Medicine

Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine

Diploma in HIV Medicine

Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes

Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences 

Adminsitration of the Diploma in the Clinical Aspects of Sexual Assault passed to the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine on 1 March 2014.

Telephone: 0207 236 1180

E-mail: examoffice@apothecaries.org