Apothecaries 400 Appeal

Celebrating 400 years since Royal Charter


  • The Apothecaries'  Prize
    The Apothecaries' Prize

    This will be for specialist registrars or equivalent  who are approaching the end of their training. It will be awarded annually on the basis of an essay on an agreed subject in the broad area of medicine and therapeutics.

  • Apothecaries' Rhino Electives
    Apothecaries' Rhino Electives

    These scholarships will enable medical students to carry out training electives in developing countries. The purpose will be to give the students insight into and experience of, the practice of medicine in these areas.

  • The Rhino Grant
    The Rhino Grant

    A modest grant to be given for six years to Save the Rhino, the international charitable organisation dedicated to preserving and supporting the rhinoceros in the wild.